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Instantly deeply relax and have the opportunity to rebreathe, relax, recharge and rebalance.

How does it work? Through the vibration resonance and entrainment (physics) sound bypasses the mind and reaches the deepest aspects of you - physically, mentally, emotionally and beyond.

The sounds from instrument are infused with the healing intention and work on you.

Because human body is in 70% water that means it is a great conductor of the sound - you are being tuned into a frequency of health & well-being vibration similarly to how musical instruments are tuned!

Every next session goes deeper & every session is different.

You can either sit or lie down on a yoga mat.

Soundbaths brings people closer in a relaxing atmosphere. This is a group session, strongly recommended as a team building activity.

The session is provided by a qualified sound therapist.

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Sound Healing Therapy may support your healing alongside orthodox medicine but does not replace regular medical treatments.

If you are pregnant or terminally ill please let us know in advance.


epilepsy, severe mental illness, having a pacemaker, recent hip/joint operation People with ear and balance problems may also be more sensitive to sound variations (Ménière's Disease).

My Clients Say...

"I feel generally calmer, it takes me a little bit longer to get wound up. I feel more relaxed and easy going about stuff; it feels like I’ve recharged for a week. After the session I felt flat but the next day my battery was 100%.

I am feeling more free spirited and it feels easier to let go of things or to do things outside of my comfort zone. I genuinely find it much easier to tap into mindfulness. Normally I'm too anxious to socialise but recently I went out and I didn’t feel like I needed to cancel, I felt like “C’mon, you can do this, it’s fine”. The feeling you get once you’ve done this is like “Yes, I’ve done it!”

E.W., Sound Healing

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