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You are working with a neutral, non-judgemental professional having an in depth understanding of the disease.

The sooner you start the better. The longer you delay it, the more difficult it becomes. Start today. Start now.

Addiction Therapy & Coaching is based on 30 years of experience

My Signature Offering: Addiction Therapy & Coaching

Get your life back.

Addiction is a complex disease which includes mental, emotional, behavioural and spiritual aspects. Sometimes it develops through years in silence, at other times it flares up instantly.

It’s not easy but it’s possible to win with it if you are honest and do your part of this process.There are many reasons why counselling is simply not enough when it comes down to fighting addiction.

Addiction Therapy & Coaching is a multifaceted and firm support containing practical support to get out of the problem. It is a safe space to unpack it all and take radical actions to own it and stop it.

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