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My signature offering: Holistic Therapy & Coaching

All the support that you need.

In one place with one person for one purpose.

Recommended for:

~ Individuals (adults/youth) 

Couples or Relationships

Rediscover yourself.

Innovative and comprehensive service to improve yourself or your relationship with a partner or relative.

A bespoke hybrid of proven tools to feel better and make change happen.

We work on your emotions, processing, thinking, focus, mindset, awareness and energy.

It is a safe space where you can:

- get help to rebuild your sense of self after going through a difficult time

- learn how to love yourself

- understand and learn how to manage your emotions

This service includes:

person-centred counselling (understand and process your emotions)

breathing techniques (free yourself from overthinking)

conscious language use (create clarity and positive reinforcement)

mindset coaching (take control and get rid of anxiety)

practical exercises (becoming the change you want)

guidance (discover your directions)

*complementary therapies (remove inner blockages)

Two formats available:

Basic Format: talking experience (45min)

Full Format: talking experience + Reiki and/or Sound Healing (105min)*

Holistic Therapy & Coaching is based on 30 years of practice and experience

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My Clients Say...

I originally came to Sonia for support to help with expressing my emotions and I thought the approach she would take would be a standard counselling approach, but during my first session, I realised she offered much more in-depth support.

Her approach to helping me explore and discover more about myself through conversation and exercises has been really helpful for me. Subsequently the outcome of our sessions has been much more than I expected and I’ve discovered a lot more about myself than I’ve ever known, which has been both empowering and inspiring.

Thank you Sonia for all your support!

Jean, Leadership Coaching

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