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Relationship Counselling

When there is a will, there is a way.

When two people want to make things work and they are ready to do some work and be honest, relationship counselling can bring revitalisation and new strength into their relationship.

It provides a safe, neutral and free from blame space for couples (relatives, co-workers, friends) to explore their relationship. In this process you will recognize unhelpful behaviours or patterns and will have an opportunity to really hear each other. 

If needed, personal counselling can be provided separately alongside relationship counselling.

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Both parties need to be involved, committed and interested in participation for relationship counselling to be effective. Relationship is created by two and can be healed by two.

My Clients Say...

„Sonia has helped to bring us back together – she has literally saved our marriage!

From the counselling sessions with Sonia, we gained an understanding of the pressures and responsibilities that were piling up for us as individuals and as a couple. It became very clear how over time, these issues had eroded our relationship. Sonia was insightful but sensitive to our different personalities, experiences and needs.

She respectfully attained the details of the issues and brought out the hurt in a controlled way, but made sure everything was addressed and considered. At all times, Sonia remained balanced between both parties and guided us how to move forward.

Not only is Sonia a highly experienced counsellor, she is also calm and unflustered with a great ability to communicate her thoughts and ideas.

As well as having an extremely intuitive nature, Sonia is an excellent listener with a deep capacity to understand.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Sonia to anyone looking for counselling, guidance or support in any way.”

B & K, Relationship Counselling

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