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"I reached a point in my life where I wanted a serious, committed relationship, and for reasons unknown (at the time) I was only finding unfulfilling, casual ones. I felt hopeless, and like I was fundamentally flawed. Sonia helped my confidence and sense of self-worth in many ways.

The real ‘aha’ moment was when I entered into the relationship I had always been looking for. With Sonia’s gentle advice and encouragement, I put myself out there in a way I wouldn’t have done on my own. She helped a lot with the practical things in terms of where and how to meet someone, whilst taking care of myself too. And it worked! I still can’t believe this has happened to me :)

I feel excited about the next chapter of my life, and very grateful to Sonia. It has been an amazing experience, Sonia has had wise words in relation to so many things (relationships but other things that have come up in our sessions like work, family dynamics) and has helped me understand and view these things through a different lens.

Sonia is kind and patient but also effectively pushed me forward when I might’ve been reluctant! I’m very grateful for that! It has been such a privilege to work with Sonia and experience her infinite wisdom, she has really helped me change my life."

Tara, Life Coaching

„Sonia has helped to bring us back together – she has literally saved our marriage!

From the counselling sessions with Sonia, we gained an understanding of the pressures and responsibilities that were piling up for us as individuals and as a couple. It became very clear how over time, these issues had eroded our relationship. Sonia was insightful but sensitive to our different personalities, experiences and needs.

She respectfully attained the details of the issues and brought out the hurt in a controlled way, but made sure everything was addressed and considered. At all times, Sonia remained balanced between both parties and guided us how to move forward.

Not only is Sonia a highly experienced counsellor, she is also calm and unflustered with a great ability to communicate her thoughts and ideas.

As well as having an extremely intuitive nature, Sonia is an excellent listener with a deep capacity to understand.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Sonia to anyone looking for counselling, guidance or support in any way.”

B & K, Relationship Counselling

I originally came to Sonia for support to help with expressing my emotions and I thought the approach she would take would be a standard counselling approach, but during my first session, I realised she offered much more in-depth support.

Her approach to helping me explore and discover more about myself through conversation and exercises has been really helpful for me. Subsequently the outcome of our sessions has been much more than I expected and I’ve discovered a lot more about myself than I’ve ever known, which has been both empowering and inspiring.

Thank you Sonia for all your support!

Jean, Leadership Coaching

What Sonia delivers is a warm, colourful, profound and intimate journey, through your body and your mind. A path full of enlightening epiphanies and right to the end; unleashing and unlocking the most intricate, fascinating and complex of all instruments: our voice.

And she does that keeping your hand, guiding young leading you through this journey with a warm and yet firm, solid support, fully trusting you and believing in your potential.

Chiara L, Voice Coaching

I found it really helpful being able to talk to Sonia openly. I was very tentative at first but she made me feel very relaxed and pushed me to confront certain topics, which I wouldn’t have done on my own.

I now have foundations and building blocks to work from and this will allow me to lead a better life. Working with Sonia has helped me apply more energy towards self care and achieving my goals.

Thank you Sonia.

Andy, Personal Counselling

After a course of sessions with Sonia, I can genuinely say that she is an excellent therapist. Not only did she provide a listening ear, but provided advice, strategies and support for so many areas in my life. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to start therapy for the first time as she is so easy to talk to and non-judgemental

Hannah, Holistic Therapy & Coaching

I took part in Sonia's training as a case study and found it a really positive experience, so much so that I am continuing with paid for sessions. Sonia is very empathetic and makes each session a very personal experience. I have gained several benefits, including improved sleep and sense of wellbeing. Sound therapy is a complementary therapy that works for me.

Trudi, Sound Healing Therapy

Only 3-weeks into therapy with Sonia and already feeling lighter. Sonia takes a really holistic approach to therapy sessions, with a client centric focus. I'm a dab hand with therapy, having had several different therapists, over 3 decades.

Sonia really knows her stuff, asks thought provoking questions, holds space, helps you reflect and so much more.

Thank you, looking forward to moving a bit further forward in our next session.

Steve, Holistic Therapy & Coaching

I'm with Sonia for over 8 months now. I was in a bad place when I reached out to Sonia and she helped me in many ways, personally and professionally. She challenged me many days, others she just listened and others she would just ask questions, the hard ones to answer, the ones I that made me think! It's been a fantastc journey, but there was a lot of work to put in.

The combination of therapies the she offers are a good complement and I would recommend to listen what Sonia has to say and follow her lead. I'm in a different place now, it is not finished, but now with the tools Sonia kindly gave me I can now use them whenever I need them and see improvements straight away.

I would recomend Sonia to anyone that wants a change in his/her life. But remember, the work is done by you.

Hugo, Holistic Therapy & Coaching

When choosing a therapist or healing treatment in general, it is a highly personal choice. A lot of trust is involved with the person you choose to provide you with this care. For these reasons, I have no doubt in recommending Sonia Axis. 

Sonia is a true healer in every sense of the word. She demonstrates all the attributes and qualities she possesses, in a genuine and authentic way.

I had a Reiki session with Sonia and it was an incredibly profound and meaningful experience. I was given lots of information before the treatment on the feelings I would encounter, as well as insights into how and why the session would impact me in certain ways. I felt reassured during every step of the process.

I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone looking for a genuinely impactful healing and therapeutic session. Thank you, Sonia!

Edward, Reiki

Sonia is fantastic! Sonia has a holistic approach to het teaching. I have seen myself come a long way in dealing with many aspects of my life and past trauma's. I would not hesitate to recommend Sonia her wider knowledge and professionalism. 

Thank you for helping me come so far!

Arron, Holistic Therapy & Coaching

I have had a few sessions now and I find every session is very productive and I’m learning so much about myself with Sonia’s help and knowledge.

From minute one, she made me feel comfortable and at ease and gave me the platform to open up about my feelings in a safe environment.

I take a lot away from every session I have, more than I could have imagined.

Would highly recommend to anyone who is either struggling with something or even if you just want to work yourself or learn more.

Charlie, Therapy & Coaching

Sonia helped me find healthy ways to reflect on my past in order to understand my present. I have noticed a vast improvement in my stress & anger levels, my friends & family have also noticed. I’ve learnt tools & strategies to help manage my emotions & found new ways to express myself. I’ve enjoyed learning how to examine my own emotions & understand them better. This has helped me so much in my personal life. I am truly grateful for my time with Sonia & would highly recommend her services.

Dave, Therapy & Coaching

Sonia has provided my wife and me with a life-changing service, for which we're profoundly grateful. We had reached at a point where our relationship was deteriorating, despite our love and efforts to improve things on our own.

We had tried self-help methods like books, videos, and articles, but couldn't make lasting progress. Working with Sonia for about three months had an immediate, positive impact.

She skilfully guided us through challenging topics, making each session feel really natural. We learned practical techniques and long-term behavioural changes that will stay with us forever.

This transformative journey hasn't been without its challenges, but it has brought us both a renewed sense of happiness and connection, which we were unable to achieve on our own.

S.A.R., Relationship Counselling

Truly transformative experience! I went to a cacao ceremony and sound bath that Sonia facilitated and it was truly transformative! Genuinely one of the most important experiences I’ve ever had that led to emotional breakthroughs and exploration of feelings within such a safe and supportive space! Sonia was fantastic at what she did and from this experience I have now booked a therapy consultation with her!

David N, Retreat

I recently had the privilege of working with Sonia as my therapist, From the very first session, Sonia created a warm and welcoming environment that made it easy for me to open up about my concerns. What sets Sonia apart is her exceptional ability to listen attentively and empathise with my experiences. I felt truly heard and understood, which allowed for a more meaningful therapeutic relationship.

Sonia skilfully navigated through my thoughts and emotions, providing valuable insights and perspectives that I hadn't considered before. One of the aspects I appreciate most about Sonia is her commitment to tailoring the therapy to my individual needs. The sessions were well-structured, yet flexible enough to address the evolving challenges I faced.

Sonia seamlessly integrated various therapeutic approaches, creating a personalized treatment plan that resonated with me. Moreover, Sonia demonstrated a deep understanding of psychology and a wealth of knowledge in her field. This expertise, combined with her compassionate and non-judgmental approach, instilled confidence in the therapeutic process.

I also want to highlight Sonia's excellent communication skills. They provided clear explanations of therapeutic techniques, making it easier for me to grasp and apply them outside of our sessions. Additionally, Sonia fostered a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging me to actively participate in my own healing journey. Overall, my experience with Sonia has been transformative.

I have gained valuable tools to navigate life's challenges, and I feel more empowered to face the future. I highly recommend Sonia to anyone seeking a compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective therapist. Thank you for your support and guidance.

PJ, Personal Therapy & Coaching

I have had an excellent experience working with Sonia. Our sessions were always supportive, enlightening and constructive. They have really benefited and helped improved myself while living with anxiety and has been able to reduce my anxiousness aswell. Sonia always suggested and supplied helped methods, tools and advice to help me.

They are easy and do take not much time to fit in with the normal life and make a massive difference. Definitely I will continue to do them in the future. Also, the convenience of having video sessions makes it easy to fit in between working life and has a very flexible schedule which is always very beneficial.

Overall, I would definitely recommend working with Sonia as she is amazing and very easy to connect with making these sessions easy and comfortable.

Monique , Personal Therapy & Coaching

"I have been doing sessions with Sonia for 2 months now and it has been a phenomenal 2 months!

I was very apprehensive about starting counselling again due to the negative experience I had encountered with a different counsellor many years ago where I felt I was just going and crying each week, ranting during sessions but then not being given tools to progress or make changes. This was something I expressed to Sonia during our first session and Sonia took this onboard along with listening to my needs.

I have been having weekly sessions where we have unpacked historic and current issues, fears, concerns, worries and trauma and I have been given tools and exercises to change my thought processes.

Sonia also has a conversation with me, breaks things down, offers comparisons and makes the learnings digestible. Over the first few weeks, others close to me began noticing the positive difference in me, that I'm glowing and seem genuinely happier.

Following this I started to feel the changes myself and now I am feeling incredibly happy with the changes I have made and what I can see for myself - it's huge!

My inner voice has switched from negative to positive which is massive for me. Together we've explored every area and aspect from family, work, social - you name it! The sessions have had some tears but I have had a lot more smiles, laughs and always leave my session feeling a lot lighter and relieved!!

On top of the time in our sessions, I have been committed to doing the 'work' on myself outside of this in everyday life too and it's giving me a great sense of pride and achievement.

I would encourage anyone who is considering counselling to just take the step to booking a session with Sonia because I only wish I had met her sooner. I'm looking forward to continuing with my progression with Sonia and cannot thank her enough for all of her help and guidance".

Emma C., Holistic Therapy & Coaching

"Sonia helped my daughter at a time when she was in a crisis both personally and educationally.

She helped her to zoom out and see the big picture and to take responsibility therefore, helping my daughter to be more in control. Sonia as a holistic young people’s mentor taught my daughter her breathing techniques and ways to calm down when feeling anxious and overwhelmed. She helped my daughter problem-solve to ascertain what she wanted from life and how to set up a plan to obtain that.

I am grateful that Sonia was there as a mentor and someone my daughter could talk comfortably to about all her problems. I know that my daughter has gained skills that she will be able to use throughout her life".

Shelley, Youth Mentoring

“For a few years I have been applying for a job at one of the leading/luxury beauty/fashion brands. Actually since I changed the direction of my career that job was my goal, even dream job I can say.

So when I was finally invited to an interview, I panicked. I was very stressed. I knew that this chance might not be repeated. I am so happy and grateful that I met Sonia.

She offered me a few preparatory sessions before the interview. Sonia is above all a coach who can LISTEN. She does not impose anything, just delicately with great tact and class prompts and guides you. She perfectly matches the style of the participant.

She has extensive professional experience and what is very important life experience, that helps so much. Sonia is professional in every way. A very warm personality and at the same time tough and firm very focused on effective help for the participant.

Sonia! Thank you very much. I couldn't have done it without you. Yes, I got my dream job! I can strongly recommend Sonia as a life coach”.

Sylvia, Life Coaching

“I just wanted to say what a great life coach Sonia is. She helped me so much.

It's been one of the best times in my life. I came to her with all sorts of things. I've got ADHD and I've been suffering from anxiety. I had a bereavement, and it caused a situation for me.This big change in my life was something I couldn't deal with.

Every week I found it very difficult. And I've never found self-development difficult before, but this was, because it needs to be done. And Sonia got it out of me. I mean, I was dreading going through the pain.

I'm so glad I went through it. With her help. She's a lovely loving person. And as a life coach, I couldn't recommend highly enough. I've also recommended Sonia to a friend of mine who was really eager to find out about Sonia because she's seen the change in me.

It was synchronicity that I met Sonia and she's gone out of her way for me. She's given me just the right help, and she's gone over and beyond when I've needed help. Listening to my long messages because of ADHD I do that. And I find it hard with boundaries, but she's been there. She's done so many things.

She's had a profound effect on me in so many ways. And it's even hard to put it into words, but I could talk forever about her. She just does the right thing. She says the right thing, she knows what it is you need; she knows your personality. She's proud of you. She was genuinely proud of me, and I felt quite embarrassed because that's me. I found it difficult to take compliments, but with her help it's a lot easier now.

I do find it hard to talk about things, but when it's something fantastic like this. I can wax lyrical as they say.

I just think that anyone who chooses her should be almost privileged to get her help, as it is worth more than money. She's a true genuine, loving, caring person who wants to help people.

Jacqui, Life Coaching

“During the first national lockdown I had reached a point in my life where I felt like I was confused and needed some mental help. I experienced some panic attacks during a few nights. I was struggling with my anxiety. Those nights were terrible, I was crying because nothing could make me feel calm and peaceful.

I understood I needed some help. I was a bit apprehensive about my first meeting with Sonia. However, her friendly, professional manner put me at ease straight away. She worked with my body via various exercises and helped my breathing. She offered support and guidance that I have found to be incredibly helpful.

I focus on what I need to do, boosting my mental confidence and I finally feel in control of my emotions. I would have no hesitation recommending Sonia and her fantastic work!”

Joanna, Awareness & Focus Coaching

“I contacted Sonia due to my problem with depression and lack of contact with the environment. I closed myself off the environment and I stopped believing in the future, plus I had problems in my closest relationships.

I have been trying to solve my problems on my own for quite a few years but unfortunately the issues were only deepening and my mood was getting worse and worse. I used the support of a psychologist but didn’t find it very useful so I decided to give it a try with holistic coaching.

My unhealed wound of losing Dad at a young age heavily impacted my relationships with my mother and my partner. Sonia is a fantastic coach. She took me on a journey into the depths of my soul, discovering the source of my problems.

At the moment, my relationships have changed significantly in a positive way. I was able to forgive my mother, which allowed me to open up to life again and build a new relationship with my partner. I am not afraid to talk about my feelings and needs anymore.

I recommend anybody who feels scared and lost and wants to change that to contact Sonia”.

Joanna, Holistic Therapy & Coaching

“Sonia's the first teacher I've worked with who works with voice in such an interconnected way. She is helping me understand how to access my voice from an inside-out approach, gently and with so much patience.

I have had the freedom to spend many months working on simple breathing techniques which are beginning to have a deep effect on how it feels to sing. Other teachers have told me to "breathe from my diaphragm" but never really took the time to really show me, or explain that it would take time for my body to learn how to do it automatically.

Sonia focuses a lot on how it feels to sing, and the sound that emerges from ease-fully accessed sensations is what produces an authentic, musical sound. Her approach is embodied, and honours the emotions and history of the singer. I feel like I am rebuilding my instrument, and am so excited that it is possible to have this kind of access, especially since I've started learning to sing as an adult.

I've done mostly online classes with her and found it a plausible format, we communicate in videos and live chats. I did manage a few in-person lessons which made a big difference, her energy in person is a huge benefit.

For both technical aspects and creative/spiritual connectedness, I think she's a unique and wonderful teacher.”

Noush, Voice Coaching

“Since I started sound therapy with Sonia, I have found new levels of acceptance of myself.

Sonia taught me that I am a being and I have a purpose. I feel empowered and aware that I need to stand up for myself. I became more in tune with myself, I discovered myself and I feel more content. I feel more confident and that little box inside me started to open up. I feel valuable, like I actually am somebody, I am a human and I do count. I am not just a robot for everyone that just picks everything up and does everything. 

I feel generally calmer, it takes me a little bit longer to get wound up. I feel more relaxed and easy going about stuff; it feels like I’ve recharged for a week. After the session I felt flat but the next day my battery was 100%. I am feeling more free spirited and it feels easier to let go of things or to do things outside of my comfort zone.

I genuinely find it much easier to tap into mindfulness. Normally I'm too anxious to socialise but recently I went out and I didn’t feel like I needed to cancel, I felt like “C’mon, you can do this, it’s fine”. The feeling you get once you’ve done this is like “Yes, I’ve done it!” I do genuinely feel so much better, 100% better”.

Emma, Sound Healing Therapy with Voice

„My counselling sessions with Sonia have been so incredibly helpful in so many ways. I came to Sonia after struggling with short-term anxiety and emotional disconnect - which had been a problem I’d had for a really long time.

Sonia has helped me to feel so much more emotionally connected and able to discuss my feelings a lot more openly with people. Before seeing Sonia I was finding it difficult to open up and she has been amazing at making me feel a lot more comfortable with myself and my life choices going forward.

I cannot thank her enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is struggling and would like to look into having counselling in their lives.”

Cindy, Counselling

“I feel so calm and relaxed and I didn’t expect it to be so straight away - it really surpassed my expectations.I felt so focused and relaxed, none like I’ve ever experienced before.

And my mind is clear, there is nothing there. Before I came here I was so rushed and now I am like ‘yes, whatever’.I feel really happy, I can’t stop smiling. There was an odd tear there, probably my mind thanking me, because the way I am feeling now I haven’t for a long time.I can’t remember when I felt so switched off to the world.

Wow. Now there is nothing in my mind and it feels wonderful. Even if I try to think of something - nothing is coming. I wasn’t expecting this - I am so relaxed now. It’s really excellent.”

Joanna, Sound Therapy

From a frozen mountain spring to a free flowing brook in only 4 sessions. It's not a magic wand.

Life just changes after sessions with Sonia. So far I tried Reiki.

But in 2 months energy flow improved and things changed noticeably. I changed from "everyone just leave me alone" to a rocket, yes, choking at times, but still a rocket.

Now that we know the potential that is hiding we'll continue sessions and dig deeper until we discover true, blooming me. Thanks a million Sonia.

Barbara, Reiki

Sonia met me when I was going through a really difficult time in my life. I was struggling at work (as a teacher) and about to be signed off with mental health issues, stress, anxiety and depression.

Sonia has helped me re-evaluate my life, my priorities in life, my relationship with work and decisions I have made in the past/ mistakes I have made. She has also helped me build resilience and appreciate ‘self love’ and being kind to myself more and more.

I would highly recommend Sonia to anybody who is going through a tough time, needs support or guidance at any point in their life.

Josh, Counselling

I have been surprised by the impact of the Sound Healing with Voice therapy sessions with Sonia. I was not sure about what to expect but remained open to the experience.

The relaxation I experienced during each session was welcomed and very much needed at the time. The after effects were extremely helpful for me in line with my personal needs at the time.

I finished each treatment feeling more grounded, centred and I have noticed the benefits in my professional, academic and personal life.

Sonia is very warm and easy to talk to, she explained what to expect at the start of every session which made me feel more comfortable.

Abigail, Sound Healing with the Voice

Sonia has such a calming aura about her, and after each session of sound therapy with her I felt uplifted, refreshed and energised :) The sessions were brilliant... the various sounds are really soothing and the atmosphere so peaceful, and the luxury of relaxing for an entire session is also fantastic! These sessions really made a positive difference to the way I was feeling, and to the way I subsequently dealt with stressful situations thereafter.

Skippy, Sound Healing Therapy

Absolutely fantastic experience with Sonia. She really listerns and caters to your needs ,mentally, physically and emotionally. I had some great healing sessions where I'd never felt a peace and tranquility like it before. I'd definitely highly recommend 👌 😊

Johanna, Reiki

I've been seeing Sonia for over a year, for voice coaching. I used to sing quite a lot, in my youth - in choirs and folk clubs - but then didn't use my voice for years. I lost range, strength, tone - and confidence. I had probably never done the breathing properly. Anyway, that much neglect takes time to put right and with Sonia's extremely professional guidance I am making good progress - enough to join a choir again. Sonia is patient, encouraging, and clearly knows what she's doing - she's an experienced professional singer after all. My session with her is the highlight of my week.

Jill, Voice Coaching

The cacao ceremony and sound bath with Sonia was a truly transformative spiritual experience - hard to describe it in words, you have to try it for yourself. Sonia is a wonderful communicator and coach, she will put you at ease and hold space for you to explore your feelings. I am recommending her to all of my friends and family now!

Valentina, Retreat

"Friday's session felt really monumental, something had changed. And Saturday, I felt a different version of myself. Free, playful, easygoing, fun, relaxed. World felt full of opportunities. I felt in proportion - not stuck in my own head with the shrunken world.I didn't have a pressing urgency that I needed to do. I could BE. Big relief and shift; consistently feeling EASIER; it feels like a certain block has been released;

I found it easier to let go. I'm feeling confident in my abilities and strengths.

Something has changed in a very short space and time and the only thing that I've done differently is Reiki. It helped all other things to move forward and get together.”

C., Reiki

"I had a friend who has ADHD and I saw a real change in her during and after her working with Sonia. It occurred to me that I might be able to use some life coaching which I had not actively considered before. She found Sonia very good so I asked to be put in touch.

I was finding it hard to take action. I had been unwell for a long period, adverse reaction to a drug and it had long affected my ability to take action, to maintain my energy and to make strides. 

I realised from early on that the work with Sonia was helping. It was a different way of doing things even though I had long had therapy.

It is a good feeling to feel problems becoming less like a block but more like something to move through. I found that things were changing in quite subtle ways and that I was making progress in a fairly consistent way.

I feel much more in control of my intentions and ability to carry them out or trying to carry them out.

I have definitely made real shifts from where I was to where I am now and a profound change in my circumstances happened during the time I was working with Sonia.

I am sure that the work with Sonia had a real impact on that change in circumstance and the way I am processing it and making plans.

I like working with Sonia. I found her quite strict which was a good thing as things were hard for me to achieve. The discipline definitely helped though it was a challenge.

I also found Sonia’s level of professional application and seriousness about the work impressive.

I sometimes felt that it was too much to do in a short time but I pushed myself because Sonia was pushing me and that was good.

I feel I have made considerable progress and feel differently about my ability to put my hopes and intentions into action.

I find Sonia's professionalism, organisation, preparation for each session, not letting me off the hook, compassionate understanding of my difficulties but determination to help me get beyond them quite inspiring.

I recommend Sonia for all of the above reasons - because she is a truly gifted and dedicated leader and coach and she has tremendous insight. And helps a great deal to make change in her clients.

I think Sonia is a real pro and get results due to her dedication and authenticity. 

I would like to thank you very much Sonia for your clear care and compassionate understanding and incisive professionalism in helping me to move forward.

I hope I don't relinquish things I have learned though you or found out in myself with your help. I hope that I can continue to incorporate them in my life."

Olivia, Life Coaching

“I was struggling when communicating my feelings properly to friends, partners and family members. I didn't know how to tackle the problem and felt overwhelmed. I also realised I had no tools to help me with that.

Sonia heard me and came up with exercises and tools so I could work on my feelings and I could communicate them clearer. They were challenging but I managed to do them with Sonia’s support.

Sonia gave me a helping hand, explained why I feel that way and helped me overcome my own self-sabotaging.

Now I feel capable of communicating my feelings. This is happening more often and it feels good, very good. I am keen to continue the path and grow on this matter. I am proud of what I have achieved thanks to working with Sonia!”

Lucia, Counselling

“Amazing teacher. Helped my heal through personal spiritual blocks as well as access certain energy points I never knew I had. Super supportive and beneficial to wellbeing”.

IAMDDB, Spiritual Journey

Working with Sonia has been so far a bless. I enrolled on a singing course for beginners hoping to learn some basics and improve the strength and confidence in my voice.

Sonia has been able to get me out of my own shell and I have seen improvement in the way I breath, speak and sing. She is very talented, patient and a great musician to work with. 

The teaching style is logical and effective. 

I would highly recommend Sonia to whoever wishes to start singing either to pursue a professional career or just as passion.

Dorota, Voice Coaching

I've had a pleasure of being taught by Sonia for several month now and can't imagine a better teacher. Coming to lessons as an absolute beginner can be a nerve-racking experience but she is kind, understanding and very patient. She is versatile with a wide-ranging understanding of music be it pop, rock, jazz or opera.

Most importantly she gives you the confidence to progress beyond your expectations. I find her method of teaching both singing exercises and breathing techniques particularly helpful in dealing with stage-fright and other blockages that can get in the way of a good performance.

I feel as though she has introduced me to a part of myself for the very first time.

I highly recommend her as a voice coach.

Karl, Voice Coaching

Sonia is such a warm person, she really cares and that comes across in her work. I would recommend sessions with Sonia for anyone looking to connect with them-self in a meaningful way.

Cara, Sound Healing Therapy

“Thank you again so much for my sound healing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still feel quite emotional about my name being sung that really touched me. During the day after my session I felt quite positive, people commented on how much I was smiling!

I did feel more positive and care free. I had a brilliant sleep the night after treatment and a couple of following nights - even with the hot weather it didn't take me long to drift off and I slept really well. This morning I feel refreshed and in a more positive attitude and alert. I feel more in tune with what’s around me. I can't wait to do it again next Friday! “

Emma, Sound Healing Therapy with the Voice

“Absolutely fantastic experience with Sonia. She really listens and caters to your needs ,mentally, physically and emotionally. I had some great healing sessions where I'd never felt a peace and tranquility like it before. I'd definitely highly recommend 👌 😊”

Joharra, Reiki

“I was experiencing feelings of inadequacy and anxiety and prior to my sessions with Sonia I was feeling that I wanted things to change. With Sonia I feel we had a connection which was important to me to feel that she understood what I was feeling. I felt that she understood.

Also Sonia is more vocal than other people I have spoken to, in a good way. If I did not understand something she would rephrase so I understood. The process was difficult at times and after a session I felt drained.

The sessions have made me realise why I think as I do and I am working to overcome many years of learnt behaviour. It is going to be an ongoing process. I have begun to think about things differently. Also I am putting myself first and I feel more independent.

I feel that Sonia has made me think about things differently and she has given me confidence to challenge my thinking and be more confident. I am really glad that I had counselling and then life coaching with Sonia”.

Sue, Holistic Therapy & Coaching

“I love working with Sonia. She has made me feel so comfortable and I am so happy with the progress I have made in 6 months is phenomenal.

Sonia is very talented and takes her time to explain and guide you through everything.

Also Sonia is very knowledgeable which means she can tend to your individual needs.

10/10 would definitely recommend her”.

Juliette, Voice Coaching

“Sonia is a fantastic mentor. She helped me understand music a lot better as well as discover my own singing voice. Thank you and I would recommend Sonia for anyone who wants to discover their own voice”.

Sanish, Voice Coaching

“Sonia is an excellent teacher, she has skills and experience and always makes an effort to put you in the position to do your best. Along with the sheer techniques and exercises repertoire, she has an understanding of the body, the individuality of your voice and the psychological aspect of singing, she can push you but always with respect of your limits, her holistic approach works great for me”

Giuseppe, Voice Coaching

"Sonia's a very capable teacher who really cares about your progress. As with all things in life, you take out what you put in.

Take her lessons seriously and, and my experience, you will not be disappointed with the results!"

Angel, Voice Coaching

“Very professional and skilled, Sonia Axis helps you connect and balance your mind, body and soul in order to find freedom in self expression. Highly recommended!”

Sita, Spiritual Journey

"Very dedicated to get you where you want to be in your vocal skills, putting a lot of effort in your progress, has her own method, very knowledgeable, great experience, I definitely recommend Sonia!"

Basia, Voice Coaching

Sonia is a very caring person and has a lovely aura about her which makes you feel instantly relaxed. Not only have I gained knowledge about breathing and vocal techniques but I have also gained a better understanding of myself.

I would recommend Sonia to anybody who is looking for an all round experience and not just a generic singing lesson.

You will not be disappointed.

I have rated Sonia 5 starts as that's the highest rating I could give.

Sarah, Voice Coaching

I have recently completed a case study with Sonia, who delivered 5 sound therapy sessions over 5 weeks. Just prior to Sonia asking if I wanted to take part, my mental health had hit a low point, I was struggling at work and had to reduce my hours.

Every month I would rotate through two weeks of highs and two weeks of extreme lows – I felt so fed up. I’ve tried sound/gong baths and reiki before – so I feel connected to my spiritual self but this has been a completely new experience!

Every week, Sonia explained the therapy she would be using, and we discussed the intentions for the healing. I have to say that this is the strangest thing I have experienced. Throughout the first session, I was worried about Sonia – the sounds she was creating were surreal! It was something to get used to, and I really enjoyed hearing the skills she had with her voice!

On session one I asked to feel more prepared for feedback, to help my feelings of rejection – I had recently been feeling hypersensitive to it, which was contributing to my poor mental health. As Sonia began, she sang to my stomach – I could feel the heat, even despite two thick blankets! She moved around the table, and as she sang to different parts of my body, I could feel the energy. My mantra was “I am open to and accept the healing energy” and I believe my body absolutely did!

The following week at work, I confidently asked for feedback on my work. This is something I avoid at all costs – I’m usually too scared of being told I need to improve! Reflecting on this after the last session, I have realised that I am continuing to ask for feedback, and I am very open to being honest about my areas for improvement. After the first session, I also noticed that I felt more comfortable in the clothes I wear. Usually, choosing an outfit is a horrendous task.

I have body dysmorphia. And for the first time in a very long time, I suddenly felt confident in not giving two hoots about the way I looked. I had a flash back to being 16 at college and wearing what I wanted with confidence! Again, 6 weeks on, this has stuck. I have stopped noticing what I am wearing, how it makes me look and feeling so self-conscious.

At the 2nd session, I found it much easier to relax and I began to meditate. Again, I could feel the energy in my body as Sonia sang. My legs got very restless towards the end, and I couldn’t relax them until Sonia swept the energy from my legs. The next day, I took advantage of cancelled plans and did something I rarely do – I lay on the sofa and watched films all day! I usually cannot focus my attention on the tv for longer than 15mins! I was able to have an open and honest conversation about the way I’d been feeling, and I had the most relaxed day - I’ve not felt that chilled for a very long time!

The 3rd session was done over a zoom call due to illness. I set the intention to release feelings of rejection – I hated feeling unwanted, and I was tired of assuming I was unloved. Afterward, I immediately understood that by rejecting myself, I was rejecting others. I was hurting others by assuming this, as I would then pre-emptively reject them so they couldn’t hurt me first. It was an eye-opener. Reflecting on this 3 weeks later – since this session, I have come to truly understand the reasons behind my pre-emptive self-rejection and have been able to concentrate on healing these wounds.

On the 4th session, I asked for focus. I was sick to death of my lack of ability to concentrate. The constant thoughts going around my head, procrastinating on my study. Sonia showed me a breathing exercise beforehand and it’s stuck with me ever since. When I returned home, something in me set the ball rolling to put myself and my priorities first, and for the first time I did and it felt amazing. On reflection – I have felt much calmer, and I have begun to focus my time and energy. Despite a turbulent time, I have quickly healed from this. I have focused my energy on, well… focusing… I have started to study again and achieve my targets. My mind feels so much calmer. The clarity made me realise a few things about the way I am wired, and I’ve been able to begin working on these areas that need changes. I’ve been able to put myself first and make myself the number one priority in my life. I have focused on meditation and breathing exercises to help me remain calm and focused.

At the last session, I was feeling doubtful of my decisions the previous week. I was an emotional mess. Sonia suggested that I allow myself to rest and receive the healing for our final session. I completely relaxed and allowed the healing energy to work its magic. When it came to an end, I didn’t want to move as I released trapped emotion. But I left the final session feeling relieved – sad on the surface but deep down happy.

Since then, I have allowed myself to accept further healing work. I’ve identified reasons for my poor mental health cycles. I believe I have been able to focus on working on myself due to the healing I have received. I no longer feel rejected, I feel comfortable in my clothes and my skin, I know that I am loved, and my focus and self-care have improved 10-fold.

Work has gotten better too – I am no longer so overwhelmed every day! I really do recommend this therapy for anyone who may be feeling a little lost right now. Put yourself first, and show self-love! You won’t regret it 😊 It will start you on a journey for self-improvement. Thanks for the incredible therapy! 🙂

H.J.K, Sound Healing Therapy

I used to struggle with anxiety and after the discovery call Sonia Axis recommended I book a Reiki session, I was a bit skeptical at fist, but now I have no words to describe the total peace and tranquility I felt after this session, something I honestly never felt before and I'm very grateful as I really felt Sonia as a therapist really listened to my needs. I would highly recommend Sonia Axis.

Rafael, Reiki

I’ve been having counselling with Sonia for a few months now, she’s amazing at what she does makes me feel comfortable each time I have a session.. has helped me in lots of different areas, past traumas, and lots of other things. She has gave me lots of tools along with my sessions to help me progress & be the best version of myself.. I feel confident after each session she’s 10/10 one amazing counsellor it’s difficult choosing the right counsellor but Sonia has been a godsend for me rest assured after you have your sessions with Sonia you’ll feel the best and it feels like a load has been lifted.. p.s. sometimes I can hesitate to say something an she can read me like a book an says this is what it is and then I can comfortably can say yes that’s right you’ve got it that’s exactly how it is and how I’m feeling.. 😊

Nabila B, Personal Counselling

Sonia has a warm and gentle approach and immediately puts you at ease. I’ve found in a very short space of time that I’ve benefitted. I’ve left some sessions feeling truly inspired! She encourages reflection on your behaviors and makes you consider your beliefs, which may drive negative patterns. I’ve had some real ‘light bulb’ moments, I’m finally feeling empowered to change my life and relationships for the better for the first time in my life. Amazing.

D, Personal Counselling

“Sonia is really honest with her approach and very professional. You know when you have done well or not. And it feels great when Sonia smiles when you have had a good session”.

Sam, Voice Coaching

“Many thanks for your time yesterday. It was really good to meet you and have such a relaxing regarding a subject that I normally find very stressful to open up about. I found our session very helpful for me.

You gave me a good starting place to help me with my issues. It has give me a lot to think about within myself.I would very much like to book another session with you and continue working with you.”

Andrew, Counselling

I had reiki this morning and I can honestly say that I was amazed by how I felt.

I have back issues and today was the first day in a long time that I had 5 whole hours of no pain.

I can’t wait for my next session x

Emma , Reiki

Holistic Therapy and Coaching has been an incredible experience in my healing journey from long Covid. With guidance, I explored my subconscious and uncovered hidden traumas that worsened my symptoms. The concealing approach created a safe space for acceptance and allowed me to heal with confidence and self-compassion. This therapy empowered me and restored my confidence in my body's ability to heal. It provided tools to manage stress, boost self-esteem, and develop a positive mindset. If you're looking to address physical symptoms and regain confidence in your healing journey, I highly recommend the Sonia Axis Concealing Therapy. It made a profound difference in my life, and I'm immensely grateful for the healing it brought me.

Alexis L., Personal Counselling

Absolutely amazing experience with Sonia. She is very skilled in various fields of healing and well being.

I was able to experience something new that really helped my mind and body. Fantastic service 👏

Suhayla, Reiki

Sonia was very knowledgeable about Reiki and she took me through a process and shared information with me which was not only very apt to my situation but also very insightful. Her advice is proving helpful while I take time to reflect on my experience and what that means to me.

Emma, Reiki

Sonia offers an approach that is completely tailored to her clients needs. I've been so impressed with how proactive her style is and how effective. I have seen signicant results in a short period from what seem like minor changes and reflections. She always explains her suggestions well and is very flexible and dynamic in how our sessions progress. She has my complete trust and I'd be happy to recommend her to anyone considering taking the step to a first meeting.

Jenni , Personal Therapy and Coaching

I was lucky enough to be one of Sonia's case studies for sound therapy recently.

Sonia has such a calming aura about her, and after each session of sound therapy with her I felt uplifted, refreshed and energised :) There was definitely an improvement in my ability to deal with stress, and in myself I just felt more at peace.

The sound therapy sessions themselves are wonderful... the various sounds are so soothing and the luxury of relaxing for an entire session is fantastic!

The sessions really made a positive difference to the way I was feeling, and to the way I subsequently dealt with stressful situations. Thank you Sonia!

Lisa, Sound Healing Therapy with Crystal and Himalayan Bowls

I have approached the Holistic Therapy & Coaching by Sonia Axis about 2 months ago. This one of the best decision I've made. I thought at the time I'm going to waste my time but after the the first session I could already feel that there aregot weight on my shoulders. The inviroment or facility is safe and peaceful within. Sonia is very professional and in what she does and so calm and collective . She realy go over and beyond to make you feel relax and comfortable at all times.

Bernie K., Personal Counselling

My partner and I have been working with Sonia for 6 months now and she has been invaluable in helping us navigate a very difficult time in our relationship. We have worked with Sonia as a couple and individually and she has helped in so many ways to become more aware of our behaviours, why we react and act the way we do, helping us become more aware of our emotions and to help us build healthy relationships with ourselves so we can better communicate and understand each other and meet our own and each others needs better. Sonia challenges you but she is also patient, kind and understanding. We would highly recommend Sonia for your own healing journey.

Charlotte W, Personal and Relationship Counselling

"Really good, knows exactly how to help you reach your goal, I would definitely recommend 👌"

Lemar, Voice coaching

My 11 year old daughter is in love with singing and has such a passion for it. Finding Sonia was a blessing. She is very experienced and delivers lessons in such a nice and kind way. She is very dedicated and taught her basics which helped her improve. 

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is interested in vocals, her kindness and positive energy is absolutely amazing. Thank you Sonia for everything.

Siham D, Voice Coaching

Sonia is amazing. It’s a completely new experience. What she's doing for people is amazing.

I could feel energy moving. I felt something shifting. When she were making those sounds it felt like she was drawing something out. I got really emotional, I could feel emotions building up and they got released when she was singing my name. I could feel a whoosh in kind of sensation. 

I have no idea how she does that with her voice I do not know but that was incredible, really really good.

I found it wow.

Victoria, Sound Healing Therapy with Voice

Holistic therapy & coaching sessions with Sonia helped me a lot in developing a better relationship with myself as well as a more positive outlook on life. It was not an “easy” process, but I’m glad I put in the work, it was worth it 😊

B.G.C., Holitic Therapy & Coaching

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