Creative Change Collaborations

defining your goals, obstacles and creating a plan to bridge the gap through radical action

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Become all you can be.

Feel good in your own life instead of hating it. Have clarity about your life. Get a good, realistic and doable plan for yourself.

Free yourself from overthinking. Become aware and authentic.

Be in a happy relationship. Have a great job. Understand how money works. Manage stress effectively.

Enjoy a powerful and confident voice and speak or sing freely in public.

Coaching can provide it all! It is a result - oriented collaborative process that brings a sense of empowerment and can result in life changing outcomes.

Sometimes challenging, other times filled with laughter, coaching provides you with a unique opportunity to empower and develop yourself, create life you love living and learn new skills.

My Clients Say...

I originally came to Sonia for support to help with expressing my emotions and I thought the approach she would take would be a standard counselling approach, but during my first session, I realised she offered much more in-depth support.

Her approach to helping me explore and discover more about myself through conversation and exercises has been really helpful for me. Subsequently the outcome of our sessions has been much more than I expected and I’ve discovered a lot more about myself than I’ve ever known, which has been both empowering and inspiring.

Thank you Sonia for all your support!

Jean, Leadership Coaching

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