Restoring Inner Balance

stimulating natural healing mechanisms of the body to facilitate change on cellular and energy levels

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The magic wand? Kind of.

I offer a range of complementary therapies and they all work on removing inner blocks to enable us feel better - emotionally, mentally and physically. They can also bring spiritual experiences, deep relaxation and sense of ease in the mind.

Individual treatments:

Reiki stimulates natural body healing mechanisms through improving the energy flow through the system.

Chakra Balancing treatment opens up, balances and heals major energy centres in the body (chakras).

Sound Therapy uses the laws of physics to initiate the change not only on a cellular level but also in the energy field.

Most people see first positive changes around the 2nd or 3rd session. 12 sessions recommended for full therapeutic results.

Sound Therapy is also a very powerful therapy in group format (Soundbaths).

The experience brings people together and helps them to open up and relate in a more authentic way.

Recommended for corporate or community settings where wellbeing oriented team building or socialising activities are desired or needed.

My Clients Say...

Truly transformative experience! I went to a cacao ceremony and sound bath that Sonia facilitated and it was truly transformative! Genuinely one of the most important experiences I’ve ever had that led to emotional breakthroughs and exploration of feelings within such a safe and supportive space! Sonia was fantastic at what she did and from this experience I have now booked a therapy consultation with her!

David N, Retreat

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