Compassionate Comfortable Conversations:

processing and understanding the past or finding your feet in the present

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Understand yourself.

Put yourself first to be free from fear. Rebuild yourself. Manage and communicate your feelings. Recover from burnout. Learn to love yourself. Feel good within your own skin. Accept yourself for who you are. Achieve happy relationships.

In counselling I offer a person-centred approach to give you all the support that you need in order to process your emotions, experiences and thoughts. I support you in an empathetic and compassionate way in your process of self-discovery, understanding and reestablishing yourself .

You are at the centre, you make choices for yourself immersed in this non-judgemental, supportive, accepting and safe space where you build a healthy relationship with yourself first and then with others.

We use talking therapy to make sense of behaviours, past or current events, challenges in order to improve mental health and move forward with our lives. I offer different types of counselling depending on your needs.

My Clients Say...

I found it really helpful being able to talk to Sonia openly. I was very tentative at first but she made me feel very relaxed and pushed me to confront certain topics, which I wouldn’t have done on my own.

I now have foundations and building blocks to work from and this will allow me to lead a better life. Working with Sonia has helped me apply more energy towards self care and achieving my goals.

Thank you Sonia.

Andy, Personal Counselling

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