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I have recently completed a case study with Sonia, who delivered 5 sound therapy sessions over 5 weeks. Just prior to Sonia asking if I wanted to take part, my mental health had hit a low point, I was struggling at work and had to reduce my hours.

Every month I would rotate through two weeks of highs and two weeks of extreme lows – I felt so fed up. I’ve tried sound/gong baths and reiki before – so I feel connected to my spiritual self but this has been a completely new experience!

Every week, Sonia explained the therapy she would be using, and we discussed the intentions for the healing. I have to say that this is the strangest thing I have experienced. Throughout the first session, I was worried about Sonia – the sounds she was creating were surreal! It was something to get used to, and I really enjoyed hearing the skills she had with her voice!

On session one I asked to feel more prepared for feedback, to help my feelings of rejection – I had recently been feeling hypersensitive to it, which was contributing to my poor mental health. As Sonia began, she sang to my stomach – I could feel the heat, even despite two thick blankets! She moved around the table, and as she sang to different parts of my body, I could feel the energy. My mantra was “I am open to and accept the healing energy” and I believe my body absolutely did!

The following week at work, I confidently asked for feedback on my work. This is something I avoid at all costs – I’m usually too scared of being told I need to improve! Reflecting on this after the last session, I have realised that I am continuing to ask for feedback, and I am very open to being honest about my areas for improvement. After the first session, I also noticed that I felt more comfortable in the clothes I wear. Usually, choosing an outfit is a horrendous task.

I have body dysmorphia. And for the first time in a very long time, I suddenly felt confident in not giving two hoots about the way I looked. I had a flash back to being 16 at college and wearing what I wanted with confidence! Again, 6 weeks on, this has stuck. I have stopped noticing what I am wearing, how it makes me look and feeling so self-conscious.

At the 2nd session, I found it much easier to relax and I began to meditate. Again, I could feel the energy in my body as Sonia sang. My legs got very restless towards the end, and I couldn’t relax them until Sonia swept the energy from my legs. The next day, I took advantage of cancelled plans and did something I rarely do – I lay on the sofa and watched films all day! I usually cannot focus my attention on the tv for longer than 15mins! I was able to have an open and honest conversation about the way I’d been feeling, and I had the most relaxed day - I’ve not felt that chilled for a very long time!

The 3rd session was done over a zoom call due to illness. I set the intention to release feelings of rejection – I hated feeling unwanted, and I was tired of assuming I was unloved. Afterward, I immediately understood that by rejecting myself, I was rejecting others. I was hurting others by assuming this, as I would then pre-emptively reject them so they couldn’t hurt me first. It was an eye-opener. Reflecting on this 3 weeks later – since this session, I have come to truly understand the reasons behind my pre-emptive self-rejection and have been able to concentrate on healing these wounds.

On the 4th session, I asked for focus. I was sick to death of my lack of ability to concentrate. The constant thoughts going around my head, procrastinating on my study. Sonia showed me a breathing exercise beforehand and it’s stuck with me ever since. When I returned home, something in me set the ball rolling to put myself and my priorities first, and for the first time I did and it felt amazing. On reflection – I have felt much calmer, and I have begun to focus my time and energy. Despite a turbulent time, I have quickly healed from this. I have focused my energy on, well… focusing… I have started to study again and achieve my targets. My mind feels so much calmer. The clarity made me realise a few things about the way I am wired, and I’ve been able to begin working on these areas that need changes. I’ve been able to put myself first and make myself the number one priority in my life. I have focused on meditation and breathing exercises to help me remain calm and focused.

At the last session, I was feeling doubtful of my decisions the previous week. I was an emotional mess. Sonia suggested that I allow myself to rest and receive the healing for our final session. I completely relaxed and allowed the healing energy to work its magic. When it came to an end, I didn’t want to move as I released trapped emotion. But I left the final session feeling relieved – sad on the surface but deep down happy.

Since then, I have allowed myself to accept further healing work. I’ve identified reasons for my poor mental health cycles. I believe I have been able to focus on working on myself due to the healing I have received. I no longer feel rejected, I feel comfortable in my clothes and my skin, I know that I am loved, and my focus and self-care have improved 10-fold.

Work has gotten better too – I am no longer so overwhelmed every day! I really do recommend this therapy for anyone who may be feeling a little lost right now. Put yourself first, and show self-love! You won’t regret it 😊 It will start you on a journey for self-improvement. Thanks for the incredible therapy! 🙂

H.J.K, Sound Healing Therapy

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