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If you arrived here then you’re in search of something that will work and bring change. Perhaps you need help, healing or skills that help you thrive as a human being, in or as a relationship, community or business organisation.

With a unique blend of traditional and innovative services we effectively facilitate your process - whatever stage of life you’re at, whatever problems you face and whatever goals you want to achieve.

Every client receives personalised service. Our approach is holistic, meaning - 'including every aspect'.

For many years personal growth and therapy were misunderstood and stigmatised but nowadays we understand that doing “the inner work” is absolutely essential to function properly both in personal life and work environment.

We are proud to have 97% success rate with our clients. The recipe for success is an open mind, commitment to the process and perseverance.

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My Clients Say...

"I have been doing sessions with Sonia for 2 months now and it has been a phenomenal 2 months!

I was very apprehensive about starting counselling again due to the negative experience I had encountered with a different counsellor many years ago where I felt I was just going and crying each week, ranting during sessions but then not being given tools to progress or make changes. This was something I expressed to Sonia during our first session and Sonia took this onboard along with listening to my needs.

I have been having weekly sessions where we have unpacked historic and current issues, fears, concerns, worries and trauma and I have been given tools and exercises to change my thought processes.

Sonia also has a conversation with me, breaks things down, offers comparisons and makes the learnings digestible. Over the first few weeks, others close to me began noticing the positive difference in me, that I'm glowing and seem genuinely happier.

Following this I started to feel the changes myself and now I am feeling incredibly happy with the changes I have made and what I can see for myself - it's huge!

My inner voice has switched from negative to positive which is massive for me. Together we've explored every area and aspect from family, work, social - you name it! The sessions have had some tears but I have had a lot more smiles, laughs and always leave my session feeling a lot lighter and relieved!!

On top of the time in our sessions, I have been committed to doing the 'work' on myself outside of this in everyday life too and it's giving me a great sense of pride and achievement.

I would encourage anyone who is considering counselling to just take the step to booking a session with Sonia because I only wish I had met her sooner. I'm looking forward to continuing with my progression with Sonia and cannot thank her enough for all of her help and guidance".

Emma C., Holistic Therapy & Coaching

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