Stop anxiety and overthinking. Understand and express yourself. Heal from trauma and grow.

We offer a unique blend of traditional and innovative services focused on your needs and goals. 

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If you arrived here then you’re in search of something that will work and bring change. Perhaps you need help, healing or skills that help you thrive as a human being, in or as a  relationship, community or business organisation.

For many years personal growth and therapy were misunderstood and stigmatised but nowadays we understand that doing “the inner work” is absolutely essential to function properly both in personal life and work environment.

We offer a unique range of innovative and traditional services to effectively facilitate your journey - whatever stage of life you’re at, whatever problems you face and whatever goals you want to achieve.

Every client receives personalised service. 

We are proud to have 97% success rate with our clients. 

All you need is an open mind, commit to the process and don’t give up.

Business enquiries regarding Effective Well-being Management please use contact page to arrange a meeting. 

All visits are by appointments only.

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My Clients Say...

What Sonia delivers is a warm, colourful, profound and intimate journey, through your body and your mind. A path full of enlightening epiphanies and right to the end; unleashing and unlocking the most intricate, fascinating and complex of all instruments: our voice.

And she does that keeping your hand, guiding young leading you through this journey with a warm and yet firm, solid support, fully trusting you and believing in your potential.

Chiara Liberti, Voice Coaching

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