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My signature offering: Holistic Axis

Total Life Transformation. 

9 months journey to your new life.

Recommended for:

~ Individuals (adults/youth)

~ Individuals (burnout/ post addiction) 

Get reborn. See anew. Go beyond.

This is a journey through three aspects that Holistic Axis is based on:

Healing - soothing pain, restoring balance and bringing peace to the body, mind and soul.

This process will take place through Breathwork coaching, Mindset coaching, Reiki and/or Sound Healing

Releasing - disengaging from events and feelings that hold us back, through processing and understanding the past.

This process will be utilised through a person-centred counselling process

Changing - getting clarity around goals and obstacles, through mindset coaching followed by a plan for radical action.

This process will take place through Awareness & Focus coaching, Mindset coaching and Life coaching and can also include Spiritual Journey.

Holistic Axis - Total Life Transformation Program is based on 30 years of practice and experience.

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My Clients Say...

“I was experiencing feelings of inadequacy and anxiety and prior to my sessions with Sonia I was feeling that I wanted things to change. With Sonia I feel we had a connection which was important to me to feel that she understood what I was feeling. I felt that she understood.

Also Sonia is more vocal than other people I have spoken to, in a good way. If I did not understand something she would rephrase so I understood. The process was difficult at times and after a session I felt drained.

The sessions have made me realise why I think as I do and I am working to overcome many years of learnt behaviour. It is going to be an ongoing process. I have begun to think about things differently. Also I am putting myself first and I feel more independent.

I feel that Sonia has made me think about things differently and she has given me confidence to challenge my thinking and be more confident. I am really glad that I had counselling and then life coaching with Sonia”.

Sue, Holistic Therapy & Coaching

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