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Authentic Leadership Development

Effectively manage your own levels of stress through understanding of your modus operandi, emotional texture, mindset and mindful approach to communication.

Managing teams, delivering presentations, attending meetings and having certain types of conversations can be a nerve-racking experience that seriously impacts the levels of satisfaction and enjoyment of work. But it doesn't have to.

As a conscious leader you have the capacity to notice not only the unspoken rules of the organisation. You can creatively access and resource the potential within the company which wasn't available before.

Plus you certainly have your own career related dreams or goals. We can change them into achievable targets.

You receive highly effective support to achieve new levels of success.

The experience of your coach has proven itself again and again to be a great resource for business growth.

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Your Coach's experience:

- an interpreter in a corporate automotive holding dealing with the type of documents you can imagine across all the departments (production, logistics, HR, technical, laboratory, training) including supporting the board of directors around certifications of ISO and OHSAS.

- a senior management role in the banking industry for four years managing a private bank branch, overseeing and managing all the processes and aspects of the business together with implementation of the procedures and quality control required by the bank.

- an international Business Manager creating an international network of booking agencies within the music industry and delivering music acts and producing their promotional and marketing packages.

- an international performing artist in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the USA having the opportunity to meet some of the greatest minds, influential and creative people in the world and get immersed properly in various mentalities and cultures.

-a manager a world class venue in London managing over 350 guests per night (during the weekends twice more), VIP guests from the world of politics and art, world famous artists and ca 50 staff members across the all departments.

- an entrepreneur, creatively running her own business which presents continuous growth and is based on ethical principles.

My Clients Say...

I originally came to Sonia for support to help with expressing my emotions and I thought the approach she would take would be a standard counselling approach, but during my first session, I realised she offered much more in-depth support.

Her approach to helping me explore and discover more about myself through conversation and exercises has been really helpful for me. Subsequently the outcome of our sessions has been much more than I expected and I’ve discovered a lot more about myself than I’ve ever known, which has been both empowering and inspiring.

Thank you Sonia for all your support!

Jean, Leadership Coaching

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