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Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing Therapy is a cutting edge treatment based on an ancient technology called Sound Healing and it is often described as having a transformational effect on mind, body and spirit.

The human body is made of 70% water which makes it an excellent conductor of sound vibrations, helping tune your body just like a musical instrument. 

Sound Healing Therapy is based on the power of vibrational frequencies to harmonise the mind and body and balance the system. It helps to restore balance in your system, it is highly effective for deep and instant relaxation, processing emotions, burnout and anxiety. 

This therapy operates through the following laws of physics:

Vibration - instruments used create sounds with healing frequencies

Resonance - the vibration from the healing sounds is transmitted into our body and our cells start to resonate with the healing frequencies

Entrainment - the frequency of our body synchronises with the healing frequencies; helps the brain and body reach deep relaxation

There is a variety of instruments used including voice, gong, singing bowls, wah-wah bells, tuning forks and rattles to facilitate healing on a deep level and help you de-stress.

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Sound Healing Therapy support your healing alongside orthodox medicine (fertility issues, chronic pain, cancer, stress-related illnesses, IBS, ME, ED, ASD, tinnitus, mild depression, burnout, anxiety and arthritis). 

If you are pregnant, terminally ill, in the final stages of cancer, please let us know in advance.


epilepsy, severe mental illness, having a pacemaker, recent hip/joint operation 

People with ear and balance problems may also be more sensitive to sound variations (Ménière's Disease).

Your session is provided by a qualified sound therapist.

My Clients Say...

“I feel so calm and relaxed and I didn’t expect it to be so straight away - it really surpassed my expectations.I felt so focused and relaxed, none like I’ve ever experienced before.

And my mind is clear, there is nothing there. Before I came here I was so rushed and now I am like ‘yes, whatever’.I feel really happy, I can’t stop smiling. There was an odd tear there, probably my mind thanking me, because the way I am feeling now I haven’t for a long time.I can’t remember when I felt so switched off to the world.

Wow. Now there is nothing in my mind and it feels wonderful. Even if I try to think of something - nothing is coming. I wasn’t expecting this - I am so relaxed now. It’s really excellent.”

Joanna, Sound Therapy

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