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Personal Counselling

Time to look inside.

Dedicating time to your mental wellbeing through counselling helps understand and process emotions, gain self confidence and carve out important personal space for exploration.

In a safe environment you are supported in expanding self-awareness, exploring your feelings or conflicts and learning about yourself. You experience non-judgemental listening, acceptance, understanding, empathy and compassion.

Exploring, growing and building healthy relationship with yourself feels natural. You have the opportunity to understand yourself and as a result - take first steps into feeling better.

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Your therapist offers a person - centred counselling approach to give you all the support that you need in order to process your emotions, thoughts and experiences.

This type of therapy puts the client at the centre, and the client is the only person qualified to make choices for themselves.

My Clients Say...

“Many thanks for your time yesterday. It was really good to meet you and have such a relaxing regarding a subject that I normally find very stressful to open up about. I found our session very helpful for me.

You gave me a good starting place to help me with my issues. It has give me a lot to think about within myself.I would very much like to book another session with you and continue working with you.”

Andrew, Counselling

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