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"At the core of my heart is service to others and seeing people enjoying their life.

We often don't receive skills and mindset to help us on life journey because of generational traumas.

That's why most of us to can't enjoy life fully but instead suffers in silence on a daily basis plagued by anxiety, overthinking, self-doubt, lack of confidence, negative self-talk, being afraid of others, hating oneself, struggling to see owns value and love oneself or slips into depression.

Permanent change of life - that’s where my expertise sits. I facilitate an innovative process of discovery, processing and re-learning which requires your engagement and commitment to get results.

I am grateful for my path in life and the transformation that I provide to others."

Sonia Axis

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Why choose me?

Sonia is an effective well-being expert offering holistic counselling, life coaching, mentoring and healing services.

Author of Holistic Therapy & Coaching, one of the most effective methods of transforming your life.

Author of Rebreathe Focus - proven method to effectively undo anxiety and overthinking 

Author of Meet Your Voice - holistic voice development method for speakers and singers

A registered member of the CNHC, UKCSH, ASI, UKRF, certified in counselling, relationship counselling, life coaching and qualified Sound and Reiki practitioner with decades of breathwork and meditation practice. 

Areas of expertise: mindset coaching, anxiety, overthinking, stress management, authentic leadership development, high performance coaching, burnout, self esteem & confidence, effective communication, spiritual growth, breath work, voice and awareness coaching, addictions, grief, change of life circumstances, depression and rebuilding life anew.

Sonia works with private clients, entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations.

Please visit contact page for enquiries or book a free assessment session.

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My Clients Say...

I originally came to Sonia for support to help with expressing my emotions and I thought the approach she would take would be a standard counselling approach, but during my first session, I realised she offered much more in-depth support.

Her approach to helping me explore and discover more about myself through conversation and exercises has been really helpful for me. Subsequently the outcome of our sessions has been much more than I expected and I’ve discovered a lot more about myself than I’ve ever known, which has been both empowering and inspiring.

Thank you Sonia for all your support!

Jean, Leadership Coaching

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