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Sonia Axis - holistic counsellor and coach, author of Holistic Therapy & Coaching; registered member of the CNHC, UKCSH, ASI and UKRF; certified counsellor and life coach working with individuals and relationships; QTS qualified teacher, MCOSH qualified Sound Therapy practitioner and UKRF Level II qualified Reiki practitioner.

Areas of expertise include: anxiety, overthinking, stress management, lack of self esteem & confidence, addictions, compulsive behaviours, mindset coaching, youth mentoring, breathwork, voice and awareness coaching, grief, change of life circumstances, burnout, depression and rebuilding life anew 

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Why choose me?

It’s hard to find a way forward when you’re stuck or unsure. Sometimes life simply hurts and sometimes you just want to do something for yourself. I've made it my life's work to help those who feel that way, with a range of coaching, counselling and healing practices - whatever stage of life you’re at and whatever problems you face.

I can release you from inertia and help you discover a freer, more fulfilled way of being. Let me guide you towards living life in a beautiful way and fulfil your potential.

As a holistic counsellor, life coach and complementary therapist I draw on my qualifications, experience and creative skills to provide bespoke counselling, coaching and complementary treatments for the mind, body, soul and business.

People's lives change when they meet me. I'm a citizen of the world, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity to my practice.

My skill set has developed over 30 years of professional development and personal discovery. I've travelled widely, and lived among many cultures and religions, from East to West on a few continents. My range of life experiences makes me strongly empathetic. I can meet people where they are. I practise what I preach.

I've experienced life as a teacher, international performing artist, high-flying corporate executive, a low-paid worker, world class music venue manager and an entrepreneur.

I know the taste of artistic success up to a glass ceiling and I know how it feels to start from scratch. I'm a survivor of four major traumas and care deeply about helping people live fulfilled lives.

As an artist I have a unique perspective, reaching beyond the conventional way of viewing things. Through developing my art, I learnt to pay great attention to detail and approach challenges in a creative way.

I first discovered the power of the breath through meditation and my vocal studies as I studied breathing techniques with great attention. This, together with my early interest in meditation, eventually led me to complementary therapies. Breathwork became my bridge to the therapeutic world, as a universal key to understanding multiple aspects of existence.

By coaching singers for over a decade I've worked with their voice, mind and emotions to help them overcome inner challenges and use their voice freely. This evolved with time and further studies into life coaching and counselling.

I'm a lifelong learner, always curious about the human condition and the different ways I can better myself. When I look at my life, experiences come together like puzzles to create a range of holistic services that now I can offer to completely transform people’s lives. Couldn't plan it better myself!

My mission is to empower and unleash human potential to a level of conscious co-creation and authentic relating to facilitate growth and change.

I have helped over 100 clients to create fulfilled lives, careers and businesses by working around their needs. All my services are open to people of all faiths and LGBTIQA+ friendly.

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My Clients Say...

Only 3-weeks into therapy with Sonia and already feeling lighter. Sonia takes a really holistic approach to therapy sessions, with a client centric focus. I'm a dab hand with therapy, having had several different therapists, over 3 decades.

Sonia really knows her stuff, asks thought provoking questions, holds space, helps you reflect and so much more.

Thank you, looking forward to moving a bit further forward in our next session.

Steve, Holistic Therapy & Coaching

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