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Youth Mentoring (12-21)

Most young people lack clarity on who they are and what they want from life.

They lack motivation or suffer from anxiety because they feel disempowered.

They feel alone, overwhelmed and more often - depressed.

Support your child.

If you are working with or have in your family a young person age 12-21 who needs some extra support navigating school, work or their personal life, connecting with a mentor can be transformative.

Support and guidance from a trusted adult who is not personally involved in a young person’s life has a powerful impact. It helps them feel like someone is truly on their side, who will always listen and consider their point of view.

Being understood and respected by an adult can bring improved motivation and resilience, improved sense of self, clarity on what they want out of life, and improved relationships at school, especially following challenging incidents such as bullying.

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My Clients Say...

"Sonia helped my daughter at a time when she was in a crisis both personally and educationally.

She helped her to zoom out and see the big picture and to take responsibility therefore, helping my daughter to be more in control. Sonia as a holistic young people’s mentor taught my daughter her breathing techniques and ways to calm down when feeling anxious and overwhelmed. She helped my daughter problem-solve to ascertain what she wanted from life and how to set up a plan to obtain that.

I am grateful that Sonia was there as a mentor and someone my daughter could talk comfortably to about all her problems. I know that my daughter has gained skills that she will be able to use throughout her life".

Shelley, Youth Mentoring

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