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My Signature Offering: Awareness & Focus

Listen to your body. Learn healthy breathing.

Taste a quiet mind. Enjoy feeling and being.

Explore authentic relating.

Recommended for:

~ Individuals (adults/youth)

~ Couples / Friends

~ Groups (communities/teams) 

Upgrade yourself.

No more being a slave to your mind. Take control and discover more of what you are capable of.

Imagine a peaceful mind and life without anxiety where stress is managed effectively. State is which you look at things peacefully even when they are difficult, where you respond instead of reacting, where you choose how you want to be operating. Learn how to get there. Individually or as a group.

Five levels of development:

Guided meditation for you:

Reduces stress, increases self-awareness, calms negative emotions, lengthens attention span and helps to control anxiety

BMKA & Fascia

Developing kinaesthetic awareness allows you to hear your body and be connected.

Learn Healthy Breathing

Breathing is one of the most basic skills in our life and here you can learn how to use diaphragmatic breathing for your own well-being!

Emerge Focus (Mindfulness)

When your mind focuses on activity it gets some rest from thinking. Rest from thinking creates space. That space brings you relaxation, ease and rightness. In that space you meet your Awareness.

Explore Awareness (Authentic Relating)

The more you experience Awareness, the more you open yourself to Authenticity. The more you experience Authenticity, the more you enjoy life. Conscious and mindful awareness of your body and breath can be trained and harnessed bringing multiple benefits to the mind, body and soul.

This practice helps reduce overthinking, anxiety and judgemental thoughts. It brings a deepened sense of calm, improved focus and better emotional management. In groups brings a sense of togetherness and facilitates team building.

Awareness & Focus is based on 30 years of experience.

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My Clients Say...

“Amazing teacher. Helped my heal through personal spiritual blocks as well as access certain energy points I never knew I had. Super supportive and beneficial to wellbeing”.

IAMDDB, Spiritual Journey

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