Written by Jo - Thu 6th Oct 2022

Yes, it’s live and official – the first blog of the series about Sonia Axis and her work.

I will explain what holistic therapy is, the difference between counselling and coaching, what each one does in terms of the effects on you, the client and how complementary therapies are applied.

You will see how the most popular signature offering, Holistic Therapy & Coaching, was created. As we move through the blogs, there will be focus on the specifics of each area of Sonia’s work.

Let’s begin by defining the word “holistic”; it’s used a lot but often people are not always clear on what the term `holistic’ actually means: -

Philosophy – the belief that parts of something are intermittently connected and explicable only by reference to the wholecharacterised by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors. It encompasses the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological dimensions.

In the beginning of working with a client, Sonia will look at all the internal, as well as external factors, that are affecting that person’s life before you commit to this journey together. 

In essence, holistic therapy created by Sonia Axis is a combination of counselling, breathwork, mindset coaching and complementary therapies.

Counselling helps with processing the past and present. Breathwork supports gaining peace of mind and brings foundations for mindset coaching.

Complementary therapies restore the flow of energy by removing blockages; they act like a digestive pill that helps to move on.

But that’s not the end. Once everything is processed what’s next? 

This is where Sonia applies coaching, so looking at where you are you gain clarity about your goals and challenges - and bridging a gap between the two.

Focused on improving and developing an area of your life, coaching may be applied to your emotional, intellectual, physical, professional and spiritual aspects.

Popular forms of coaching are life coaching, youth mentoring or leadership coaching, but within these parameters are a whole host of specialised coaching – one size DOES NOT fit all. 

Now, I hope you are beginning to see why Sonia’s work fits together: the holistic therapy AND the coaching.  Both are designed around YOU as an individual.  You are unique and, therefore, the way we work together will be tailored to YOU.  

And through Holistic Therapy & Coaching instead of working with three different therapists or coaches you get the benefit of having a one provider that really gets to know you well. You have finally one place to do it all.

The counselling will uncover the aspects to focus on, the coaching supports it with mind calming tools, complementary therapies take care of restoring the flow of energy. The counselling will bring understanding, the coaching will improve your mindset and complementary therapies ease off the stress of change.

With Sonia, you will always discuss what’s best for you in terms of the choice of complementary therapy to be used to restore your energy levels. 

Sonia also will use the complementary therapy intuitively when needed, for example, it might be Reiki or Sound Healing Therapy; but for each person it will be different.

I hope that now you can get a real sense of how combining holistic therapy and coaching works. Holistic Therapy & Coaching created by Sonia Axis provides you 360 degrees support on your journey to bring about the best outcome for YOU.

Welcome onboard!


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