Sonia Axis on IWLEX Conference and Exhibition

On 24th of May during IWLEX Warehouse and Logistics Conference and Exhibition, Sonia Axis - Author, Holistic Counsellor, Life Coach, Authentic Leadership Coach and Well-being Expert of Holistic Axis will offer a workshop presenting her Rebreathe Focus Method and mindful, deeply immersive sonic experience.

Sonia is an author of three methods developed through her therapeutic, mindfulness and vocal studies . She’s a certified Holistic Counsellor & Life Coach, MCOSH Dip Sound Therapy practitioner and UKRF qualified Level II Reiki practitioner. 


Sonia  began meditating at the age of 12. Breathwork and Sound became her bridges to the therapeutic world, as a universal key to understanding multiple aspects of existence. 

Sonia’s skillset has developed through 10 different professions within the last 20 years of professional development and 30 years of personal discovery. She’s a citizen of the world, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity to her practice. 


Living among many cultures and religions, from East to West on a few continents, Sonia experienced life as a teacher, international performing artist, high-flying corporate executive, a low-paid worker, world class music venue manager and an entrepreneur. 


As an authentic leadership coach and wellness expert Sonia draws on her qualifications, experience and creative skills to provide bespoke services and treatments for the mind, body, soul and business with the capacity to meet people where they are. As an artist she has a unique perspective, reaching beyond the conventional way of viewing things.


Sonia would like to invite you to attend her talk and workshop at IWLEX where she will deliver a deeply immersive mindful and sonic experience. 


You will learn how to balance the nervous system, improve focus, quiet the mind and connect with inner peace - in a simple, easy and effective way.


“I'm a lifelong learner, always curious about the human condition and the different ways I can better myself. My mission is to empower and unleash human potential to a level of conscious co-creation and authentic relating to facilitate growth and change. Nowadays, I reach out to the business as currently the workplace is one of the main stress factors and this can be changed with the right support.”

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