Let's Look Inside

Written by Sonia - Sat 7th Jan 2023

The beginning of new year is a perfect time for opening a new chapter, committing to new challenges or taking care of those aspects of your life which have been hanging on for ages waiting for the right time.

Let's be honest, for many this year will be challenging for various reasons. In order to get through the challenges, mental health is number 1 priority. 

But very often it falls to the last position on our list as there are many other burning issues around. When you take care of your mental health you become better employer, better employee, better mum or dad, better friend and life start feeling good inside.

I have a plethora of various services which you may dive in once visiting www.holisticaxis.com but this January I wanted to focus on bringing more affordability to two most popular services - counselling and holistic therapy & coaching. 

Recognizing the current financially challenging times and the burning need of taking care of one's mental health I now offer a sliding scale of £50 or £75 for online counselling session and £75 or £100 for online holistic therapy & coaching in basic format.

Choose what's affordable for you and send an email to contact@holisticaxis.com and start addressing your mental health needs today. Let's get the money out of the way.

Through creating "Let's Look Inside" campaign I am offering a sliding scale of pricing, allowing easier access to taking care of your mental health.  So money is no longer an obstacle. Are you ready?

I look forward to speaking with you soon, 

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